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Why You Need To Hit Rock Bottom In Order To Succeed

Why You Need To Hit Rock Bottom In Order To Succeed

I’m going to ask you to recollect what you consider to be your greatest challenge to date. Not one that simply stretched your mind but one that drained your soul. Got it? Good.

If it’s not one you’re going through right now then try, as best you can, to take a moment and put yourself back in the midst of it. Not pleasant, is it? The sorts of challenges I’m talking about rock you to your very core. They test all of your emotional and physical endurance.

Somewhere in the midst of that struggle there is or was a lesson you needed to learn–a lesson about yourself.

So, what’s the connection between success and hitting rock bottom? Hitting rock bottom, whether it’s a failed business, a failed relationship, or a major illness, is when we learn life’s greatest and most important lessons on which…


Zerto pushing true business resilience in global roadshow


Zerto pushing true business resilience in global roadshow

Speaking at Melbourne’s leg of the global ZertoCON roadshow – along with a number of key partners including Pronto, NetApp, Macquarie Cloud Services and Zettagrid – Zerto’s president Paul Zeiter spoke to how the business is moving away from traditional disaster recovery or business continuity, to a greater focus on resilience.

Adjusting easily to misfortune or change, Zeiter said, is the key focus for Zerto. One of the big challenges facing companies today is the need to change the way they think about coping with change. Traditional approaches to managing change and disruption were predicated on working with physical systems. But those models don’t work optimally with highly virtualised environments.

This is what drove Zerto to move system replication away from the server…


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