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How to build resilience in middle age

How to build resilience in middle age

Mums and dads worry over how they can build resilience – the ability to bounce back from adversity – in their kids, given the brutal race to excel both in and out of the classroom.

But are the grown-ups themselves equipped to deal with the many curve balls that now come at them in today’s faster-paced world, such as job obsolescence?

Midlife can also bring stresses from divorce, the death of a parent and retirement worries, yet many people do not build coping skills…


Can Congress Bring the National Flood Insurance Program Above Water?


Tropical Storm Cindy caused flooding in Big Lake in June

Get those sandbags and storm shutters ready. Peak hurricane season is bearing down on the Atlantic coast. From New Orleans to the Jersey Shore, nothing focuses the mind quite like a looming megastorm. And while this time of year is always meteorologically suspenseful, now it’s even more so. That’s because among the many, many things Congress is struggling to cross off its to-do list is the reform and reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program.

As problematic government programs go, the NFIP is a doozy. Established in 1968, it handles some 5 million policies nationwide. Unfortunately, these days it collects less in premiums and surcharges than it shells out in claims and other expenses, leaving the Treasury Department—read: taxpayers—to…



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