Don’t sweat the small stuff

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Resilience is the ability to ‘bounce back’ – to recover from setbacks, adapt well to change and keep going in the face of adversity. Resilience is often thought of in the context of major traumas or tragedies, where individuals show incredible capacity for recovery. I feel ashamed that we should even think about it in the context of ‘a little workplace stress’, but resilience is subjective – what causes one person extreme stress can be water off a duck’s back for another.

Workplace pressures are considered by many to be the biggest drain on their resilience reserves, with office politics, managing difficult people, overwork and personal criticism being cited as key stressors. Resilience is now commonly used to refer to the…


Technological workplace revolution felt mainly by women

On paper, there is no doubt that women have made great progress in the workplace – in Europe, the percentage of women represented on large company boards has almost doubled over the past five years to 25%. Women also outnumber male university graduates in 95 of 144 countries.

However, Lyndy van den Barselaar, MD of ManpowerGroup South Africa, says that these high profile roles may be just an illusion of progress.

According to the latest white paper by ManpowerGroup and Right Management, titled “Women, we have a problem”, as technology continues to disrupt, and with the emergence of a skills revolution, women are feeling the biggest impact.

Behind the numbers women face a triple…


‘Resilience’ shown in tough times


It said its performance was “resilient against the backdrop of a tough operating environment”.

Operating revenue dropped 8 percent to R1.1 billion compared with R1.2bn last year with total expenses at R644m compared with R636m last year.

The JSE said the country’s low economic growth, rating downgrades and a loss of business confidence had negatively impacted financial market activity this year.

Global securities exchanges and other players in the financial services industry were changing the way in which they operated in response to regulatory and technological developments…

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