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Laois theatre hosts Irish film premiere of Resilience


Laois theatre hosts Irish film premiere of Resilience

After a successful tour in the UK, the award-winning documentary Resilience premiered in The Republic of Ireland in the Dunamaise Arts Centre this week.

The Portlaoise Family Resource Centre was delighted with the Irish premier of the documentary in collaboration with the Dunamaise, which took place on Wednesday, July 28.

This is the film helping the world wake up to the impact of childhood trauma.

At the premiere the audience heard the personal story of local lad Jason Doyle – a young person who has been engaging with the PFRC since the age of 6.

Jason’s story resonated with the viewers, and there was not a dry eye in the house after hearing his personal experience and the impact the Family Resource Centre had on him overcoming his adversities…


A Marine veteran and mental toughness coach shares how a single sentence can change your life

When Andrew Wittman teaches a mental toughness class, he likes to kick things off with a simple question.

“I’ll ask them, ‘Who are you?’” Wittman tells Business Insider.

“And they tell me what they do: ‘I’m the CEO of a defence contractor firm.’ ‘I’m the EVP of a pharmaceutical sales company.’ ‘I’m a cop.’ ‘I’m a Navy SEAL,’” Whittman says.

But that’s not what he’s looking for.

“Those are roles you play,” Whittman says. They’re not who you are.

“If you don’t have an internal identity of who you are, based on an internal strength, and something that you aspire to, then when it hits the fan, you have nothing to draw from. You’re not rooted. You’re not grounded,” he says.

The Marine Corps veteran and former US Capitol Police agent protected members of Congress like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Lieberman during…


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