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The long recovery from an earthquake

Climate change – ‘Asia is paying for the West’s emissions’

Progressive global warming will have an outsized effect on countries in Asia and Oceania. In DW interview, Kira Vinke from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research explains what makes the region more vulnerable.  A recent report from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research (PIK) is predicting devastating climate-change consequencesfor the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2016, the ADB invested $3.7 billion (3.16 billion euros) for initiatives combating climate change and this amount is set to be increased to $6 billion by 2020. DW spoke with Kira Vinke from the PIK about why this region is especially affected by climate change….


The long recovery from an earthquake

Gyumri, the second largest city in Armenia, was hit by an earthquake on 7 December 1988, from which it has struggled to recover.

Photographer Oliver Doyle travelled around Gyumri, meeting its inhabitants as well as documenting life in its neighbourhoods full of domiks (Russian for “little houses”).

These temporary metal shelters built by the Soviet Union as disaster relief after the earthquake still provide homes for hundreds of people…


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