Martial law can’t be declared during major disasters, civil unrest

Economic cost of natural disasters less than half 10-year average

Severe convective storms ©Shutterstock

Global economic losses from natural disasters for the first half of 2017 are estimated at $53bn (£40.8bn) – 56% lower than the 10-year average of $122bn….


Martial law can’t be declared during major disasters, civil unrest

A lawmaker on Saturday questioned an operational directive by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) which includes situations beyond those set by the Constitution for the declaration of martial law.

ACT Teachers Party-list Rep. Antonio Tinio on Saturday grilled AFP Chief of Staff Eduardo Año, the government’s martial law administrator, regarding Operational Directive 02-2017.

This, Año said, is the directive followed by government troops since martial law in Mindanao came into effect on May 23.


The document’s purpose, he said, is to direct troops in destroying local terrorist groups in Mindanao.

The document, Tinio said, contained a definition of martial law that laid out guidelines he described to be “blatantly unconstitutional.” He said it seemed to be the only government document that defined martial law outside of the Constitution…

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