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How to minimise flood damage in your home

How to minimise flood damage in your home


When flood strikes, it can wreak havoc in two ways.

First is the immediate damage from the water itself; the second is the long-lasting aftermath.

During the UK’s wettest month on record (December 2015), the Environment Secretary at the time – Liz Truss – estimated that around 16,000 homes were flooded, costing millions in recovery and repairs.

However, she also claimed that more than 20,000 homes were protected due to flood defences that had been put into place.

It just goes to show that, although you can’t prevent a flood from happening, you can help minimise the damage it causes to your home…


Vulnerable at the workplace: Indian millennials lack emotional intelligence, stress management, says survey

Today we are living in a world where the social media runs in the blood of the people across all sections of society and the millennials are trying hard to make a difference with their out of the box thinking to ensure they are successful at work. But this viewpoint was shattered by a recently conducted survey showed that Indian millennials lack critical skills. Ahead of the World Youth Skills Day on July 15, an online learning companion for millennials and graduating students, HBR Ascend carried out a survey. The research was conducted over approximately 1,700 responses from people in age groups of between 18-34 years across various industries in India. Shocking results were found…


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