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Resilience: What is ecological anthropology?


In Somali drought, women fighting sexual predators as well as hunger Source:

Theresa May to spend aid money on insurance against disasters in Africa

Theresa May is planning to spend tens of millions of pounds of aid funding on buying premiums with British insurance companies to help cover the costs of natural disasters in African countries, such as severe drought.

The prime minister believes that buying up private insurance policies in the UK, in a break from more traditional forms of aid spending, could reduce the need for expensive direct humanitarian support in the future.

A senior Downing Street official said the plan was to spend £30m over four years on the initiative, after which the companies would be able to continue working directly with African countries, opening up the opportunity…


Water Research Foundation Launches Project on Resilient Water Infrastructure

The Water Research Foundation has launched a new project to improve the resiliency of water utilities, specifically around infrastructure needs. The project, Resilient Water Infrastructure: Improving Understanding and Assessing Needs (#4707), will gather information from regions and municipalities (both small and large) with various risk factors or hazards, including extreme rainfall and flooding, sea level rise, aging infrastructure, cyber threats, seismic activity, and drought…


Resilience: What is ecological anthropology?

Professor Steve Lansing from the University of Arizona explains the meaning behind ecological anthropology…



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