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What do the Grenfell Tower fire and Hurricane Katrina have in common?

Rescue helicopter crash kills eight after Indonesian volcano erupts

A rescue helicopter crashed while heading to help evacuate residents near an active volcano on Indonesia’s main island, killing all eight people on board, officials said on Monday.

The helicopter crashed about three minutes before arriving at Dieng Plateau, the popular tourist area where the volcanic eruption on Sunday injured at least 10 people. The aircraft reportedly hit a cliff on Butak Mountain in the Temanggung district of Central Java province.

All eight people on board were killed…


What do the Grenfell Tower fire and Hurricane Katrina have in common? Disaster capitalism

At first glance, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the devastating blaze at Grenfell Tower in London last week may not seem too similar. But a closer inspection of the circumstances leading to the two tragedies shows a deep connection to the same capitalist theory: the shock doctrine.

The term shock doctrine, also called disaster capitalism, was coined and researched by Naomi Klein in her 2007 book The Shock Doctrine. The theory describes the rampant corporatization of the public sector, whether it’s schools or housing, in the aftermath of a “shock,” which could come in the form of an economic recession, a terrorist attack or even a natural disaster. Pro-corporate politicians take advantage of the shock and trauma the public experiences when a disaster hits to ram through free market-inspired ideas that strip away the safety net and public services…


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