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How to survive a tsunami

9 Key financial strategies for recovery after a natural disaster

Financial recovery after a natural disaster, like the flooding this week in mid-Michigan, involves many decisions by homeowners and renters. Occasionally, Michigan residents deal with tornados, severe thunderstorms and other severe weather-related events. Where do I start? Where will I live? What is next? Several tools and resources are available to help from Extension’s Disaster Education Network (EDEN) and the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services…


How to survive a tsunami

boxing day tsunami

Boxing Day Tsunami 2004 A quarter of a million people died. Two million people were made homeless.

On May 22, 1960, the largest earthquake ever measured struck off the coast of southern Chile. Once the shaking stopped, Denis García, a resident of the nearby port town Corral, noticed something odd. He was searching for his family, not realizing they were safe and on high ground, when he caught sight of Corral Bay. The waters had drawn back, leaving the seafloor bare. García went to investigate. He did not see the 40-foot-high tsunami barreling toward him until it was too late…


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