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Monthly Archives: July, 2017

The long recovery from an earthquake

Climate change – ‘Asia is paying for the West’s emissions’ Progressive global warming will have an outsized effect on countries in Asia and Oceania. In DW interview, Kira Vinke from … Continue reading

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How to Bounce Back After Life’s Worst Hardships (and Come Out Even Stronger)

How to Bounce Back After Life’s Worst Hardships (and Come Out Even Stronger) “Falling down” doesn’t have to wreck you. In fact, it can be the best thing that ever … Continue reading

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Resilient housing

Why mangroves matter for the resilience of coastal communities In 2006, I was working in Aceh, Indonesia (with the Red Cross), a region devastated by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. … Continue reading

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NASA eyes compact Hurricane Hilary

Podcast puts new spin on resilience How do you talk to Airmen about resilience – especially when a unit is geographically dispersed? When two colleagues and friends at the 363rd … Continue reading

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How to Help Children in Disasters Return to Happiness

How to Help Children in Disasters Return to Happiness A week-long workshop by the Ministry of Local Government in collaboration with UNICEF concluded today at the Biltmore Plaza. Representatives from … Continue reading

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To Bounce Back From Disaster, Balance Is Key

County planner speaks on protecting coastal towns against massive flooding Boothbay and other Lincoln County towns have a significant potential of massive flooding due to a combination of climate change … Continue reading

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Martial law can’t be declared during major disasters, civil unrest

Economic cost of natural disasters less than half 10-year average Global economic losses from natural disasters for the first half of 2017 are estimated at $53bn (£40.8bn) – 56% lower … Continue reading

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Strong Aftershocks Test Nerves on Greek Island After Quake

Climate change causing natural disasters: CM Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat today stated that climate change was leading to natural disasters. He was addressing a day-long workshop — Strengthening State … Continue reading

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How to minimise flood damage in your home

How to minimise flood damage in your home When flood strikes, it can wreak havoc in two ways. First is the immediate damage from the water itself; the second is … Continue reading

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Backyard banter: Resilience key to adapt to change

Backyard banter: Resilience key to adapt to change With earthquakes, drought, floods and fires, many New Zealanders have had it rough over the past few years. It’s often been a … Continue reading

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While Corals Die Along The Great Barrier Reef, Humans Struggle To Adjust

Businesses help build more resilient communities TROPICAL Cyclone experiences in Vanuatu have proven the need to have partnerships at all levels in managing the impacts of disasters. Businesses and partners … Continue reading

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California wildfires – in pictures

How a Warming Climate Will Trouble Air Travel Rising temperatures and more frequent heat waves could force up to 30 percent of airplanes to delay takeoffs in the coming decades, … Continue reading

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China’s biggest ally in the South China Sea? A volcano in the Philippines

China’s biggest ally in the South China Sea? A volcano in the Philippines On June 15, 1991, an otherwise unremarkable mountain in the Philippines blew its top. And with that … Continue reading

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Building resilience to floods and sea level rise

UNESCO and World Bank collaborate on Culture, Urban Development, and Resilience “Culture and a people-centered approach are central to building the urban future we want and ensuring sustainable development. This … Continue reading

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Yolanda Memorial and Learning Center to rise in Tacloban

Yolanda Memorial and Learning Center to rise in Tacloban “The memorial will tell our story: A story of a people who lost so much, yet were determined to rise above … Continue reading

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Airbnb tests new ways to unlock doors during disasters

Italian wildfires kill 2 homeowners, force tourists to flee Wildfires that have consumed vast swaths of southern Italy and forced the emergency evacuation of hundreds of tourists claimed the lives … Continue reading

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Resilience: What is ecological anthropology?

Theresa May to spend aid money on insurance against disasters in Africa Theresa May is planning to spend tens of millions of pounds of aid funding on buying premiums with … Continue reading

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Building confidence and resilience a worthwhile addition to workplace skills

Fires disproportionately kill vulnerable people, and Grenfell is no different Anyone following the tragic events surrounding the Grenfell Tower fire on 14 June will have been struck by the calls … Continue reading

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Reservoirs along Yangtze River prove worth in reducing floods

  Reservoirs along Yangtze River prove worth in reducing floods Reservoirs along the Yangtze River, including the Three Gorges Reservoir, have played a big role in relieving flood pressure downstream. … Continue reading

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To build resilience, include long-term foresight in strategy planning process

To build resilience, include long-term foresight in strategy planning process An obsession with short-term goals, and a dependency on the interpretation of short-term signals, are preventing many businesses from planning … Continue reading

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The massive volcano that scientists can’t find

The massive volcano that scientists can’t find It was 10 October 1465 – the day of the hotly anticipated wedding of King Alfonso II of Naples. He was set to … Continue reading

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More Heavy Rain Forecast for Japan as Death Toll Rises to 16

Air Pollution Is Even Deadlier Than We Thought, Study On Medicare Finds The study, published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine, sheds light on the relationship between pollution … Continue reading

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What do the Grenfell Tower fire and Hurricane Katrina have in common?

Rescue helicopter crash kills eight after Indonesian volcano erupts A rescue helicopter crashed while heading to help evacuate residents near an active volcano on Indonesia’s main island, killing all eight … Continue reading

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Floods Pour Into Areas of Kyushu, Japan After Tropical Storm

Swathes of south China under water, heat strikes north Torrential rain lashed parts of central and south China on Monday, with floods damaging crops, forcing hundreds of thousands from their … Continue reading

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How to Develop Incredible Mental Toughness for Health, Work, and Life

Resilient City | Definition, Attributes and Features The definition of resilience has been evolving and adapted in different context and principles across various disciplines. It is important to examine different … Continue reading

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How urban planning can contribute to resilience and disaster risk reduction

Adult education – a tool for risk resilience in Serbia? The Republic of Serbia has been faced with visible impacts of climate change in recent years. As a consequence of … Continue reading

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Guest opinion: The good and bad of stress

Stronger cyber resilience culture needed to combat threats There is a need for a stronger cyber resilience culture across organisations and a focus on the human factors involved in cyber … Continue reading

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Understanding the Root Causes Behind Natural Disasters

Analysis of the resilience of communities to disasters The ability of communities and households within complex systems to anticipate and adapt to risks, and to absorb, respond and recover from … Continue reading

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So, about all that plastic in the ocean…

So, about all that plastic in the ocean… For thousands of years humans have existed on Earth, but it is only in the last 100 or so that plastics have … Continue reading

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Why mental resilience is a muscle that can be developed

Building in Bad Places: More People at Risk of Natural Disasters than Ever Before More people are at risk of natural disasters than ever before — and much of it … Continue reading

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How to survive a tsunami

9 Key financial strategies for recovery after a natural disaster Financial recovery after a natural disaster, like the flooding this week in mid-Michigan, involves many decisions by homeowners and renters. … Continue reading

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