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Trust In Resilience: Intangible assets: How they impact a company’s value

Trust In Resilience: Intangible assets: How they impact a company’s value

Today, the full picture of a company’s value cannot be captured on a balance sheet because “value” is not just dollars and cents anymore. Amid megatrends like demographic and social change, technological breakthroughs, and climate change and resource scarcity, one profound change that is taking place is the shift in market value: The growing importance of intangible assets over tangible assets like financial capital and physical assets…


Disaster Recover Lacking for Most Mission-Critical Applications


Disaster Recover Lacking for Most Mission-Critical Applications

Business resilience is an area that most organizations do not focus much on, resulting in unnecessary and damaging downtime. It is, in fact, surprising that many IT leaders do not even have a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan for the most mission-critical applications, says a survey by the Forbes and IBM. The “Business Resiliency: Now’s the Time to Transform Continuity Strategies” survey attributes this gap to the “resiliency perception gap,” which is the gap between how leaders perceive their resiliency and business continuity strategies to be, compared to how effective they actually are. This gap leads to some very appalling statistics—78% of the surveyed companies said that they faced unplanned and unnecessary disruption risks, that too for critical applications. The impact of this is huge—in time, costs, damage to brand name, and much…


Kiwis help Caribbean’s disaster planning

Kiwi experts in earthquake and disaster management are set to this month pass on tips to Caribbean nations.

The GNS Science experts will present at a New Zealand-funded, two-day workshop to be held in Barbados with 35 people from Caribbean disaster management agencies expected to attend.

“Like the Pacific, the Caribbean is largely made up of small island states, vulnerable to natural disasters,” Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee said…



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