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Breaking 6 myths on disaster preparedness

Breaking 6 myths on disaster preparedness, and making every Filipino even more resilient

The Philippines has the misfortune of being prone to all natural hazards, save for a snow storm. This includes earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and typhoons….


Deadly Heat Waves Could Be Far More Frequent by 2100


Deadly Heat Waves Could Be Far More Frequent by 2100

Several parts of the world, including the UK and Europe, have experienced dangerous heat waves in the past month that have sent temperatures soaring. These deadly weather patterns put a strain on health services, as vulnerable people have succumbed to heat stroke. And thanks to climate change, a new study suggests that within just 80 years heat waves could be even more common.

Researchers, who published their findings in “Nature Climate Change” this month, examined “lethal heat episodes” since the 1980s. In total, they found 1,900 cases worldwide in which unusually high ambient temperatures resulted in human deaths…


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