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Heatwaves are national emergencies and the public need to know

Heatwaves are national emergencies and the public need to know

Hundreds of people across the UK are likely to be killed by a natural disaster this week, but their deaths will not be the subject of ministerial statements or newspaper reports, even though a failure of government policy is partly responsible.

The heatwave conditions are causing preventable deaths partly because large swaths of the population wrongly believe that extremely hot days are becoming less common.

While the hot weather is not as obviously newsworthy as the recent terrorist attacks or the Grenfell Tower fire, it should be treated as a national emergency that is every bit as serious…


Heat can kill and we’re turning up the thermostat

heat kills

‘Tis the season for heatwaves in the Northern Hemisphere, as folks across Europe and parts of the US west have been reminded this week. In addition to providing weather to complain about—seemingly a necessary component of human communication—heatwaves can be straight up deadly. The 2010 Moscow heatwave (combined with thick air pollution from associated wildfires) caused thousands of deaths…


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