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To Build Your Resilience, Ask Yourself Two Simple Questions

Yoga and free fruit won’t solve the scourge of workplace stress

Hands up if your workplace provides some sort of perk like free fruit, or yoga lessons in the boardroom. Keep your hand up if it actually reduces your stress.

Raise your other hand if you’ve done a staff engagement survey in the past year. Keep it up if you saw tangible change as a result…


To Build Your Resilience, Ask Yourself Two Simple Questions


In an era where business keeps moving faster, it is no small wonder that resilience has become the new must-have executive skill. While executives have always known about the personal benefits of being resilient, they haven’t always recognized that it is also needed for the sake of their teams and organizational health.

Take Susan, the CEO of a small telecommunications firm. She was enrolled in my MBA course when she received some bad news. A major contract, one that her firm had spent months preparing for, had gone to a competitor. She had worked hard on it. Her team had found ingenious ways to shave costs and innovative ways to add value for the client. It would have been a profitable project and, more important, successful completion would have proved a new product concept…



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