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The next big thing in disaster recovery could be music to your ears

How IoT is playing a key role in protecting the Environment

Internet of Things (IoT) has a large role to play in future of smart cities which in turn are supposed to be environment friendly. IoT can be used in practically all scenarios for public services by governments to make cities environment friendly. 1TSensor-enabled devices can help monitor the environmental impact on cities, collect details about sewers, air quality, and garbage. Such devices can also help monitor woods, rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Many environmental trends are so complex, that they are difficult to conceptualize. IoT is a recent communication paradigm…


The next big thing in disaster recovery could be music to your ears

enterprise infrastructure


The next big thing in disaster recovery could be music to your ears

The latest trend to ensure business continuity is designed to make sure you won’t be singing the blues when disaster strikes.

Resiliency orchestration is a comprehensive approach that automates every aspect of disaster recovery from monitoring and testing to enterprise-wide response plans.

“The traditional approach to resiliency needs to change to meet the requirements of the always-on world,” said Peter Gladwish, business unit executive with IBM’s resiliency services. “A holistic approach is no longer a nice to have. It’s mandatory,” he told participants at a recent ITWC webinar.

Sponsored by IBM and hosted by ITWC CIO Jim Love, the webinar looked at how orchestration can help organizations manage their resiliency environments more effectively…




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