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Building Resilience to Depression presentation

Peel Thunder hosting Building Resilience to Depression presentation

A FREE Building Resilience to Depression presentation will be held at Peel Thunder Football Club for Men’s Health Week.

The presentation will provide information about what mood disorders are, their causes, how to spot early warning signs, what to do and how to build personal resilience.

The event will feature presenter Paul McCormack from the Black Dog Institute.

He will share his experience of anxiety and depression in order to help lift the stigma around mental health issues…


Stop Comparing The London Attacks To Freak Accidents And Natural Disasters


An indecent response to Islamic terror has become familiar.

Imagine if Saturday’s three London Bridge killers had been British Nationalist party thugs, ramming their car through a Pakistani neighborhood. Would a single decent person have heard the news and immediately said, “Well, this number of dead people is statistically insignificant compared to those that die in car accidents. These punks can’t threaten our society!” Would anyone have asked, “Why are we talking about the killer’s politics? There are…


RACQ Insurance profits returned to members

The RACQ Foundation has distributed more than $7.2 million to more than 160 community organisations devastated by natural disasters.

Road safety remains at the Club’s core, and insurance profits help to fund free education lessons to the community.

Docudrama, a re-enacted road crash scene used to drive home the need for responsibility behind the wheel, was delivered to 8,212 senior…


Teens Train To Tackle Disasters Head-On

“CERT” – Community Emergency Response Team training – for teens. And it’s free.

“School’s out. It is summertime,” says ROTC Army Instructor Stephen Edwards. “They volunteered to come out and dedicate themselves to being in the classroom. I’m real proud of them.”

Students will get tools to tackle disaster head on. Their skills can be used in emergencies like fires and terror attacks.

“I actually feel very prepared,” said student Jennifer Villanueva. “I feel like I will be ready for any kind of situation like a natural disaster.”

“We’re trying to make sure they don’t turn out to…


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