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Storm kills several, displaces thousands in Cape Town

Rare US floods to become the norm if emissions aren’t cut, study warns

US coastal areas are set to be deluged by far more frequent and severe flooding events if greenhouse gas emissions aren’t slashed, with rare floods becoming the norm for places such as New York City, Seattle and San Diego, new research has found…


Storm kills several, displaces thousands in Cape Town


The storm hit two weeks after a drought disaster was declared in the region [Mike Hutchings/Reuters]

At least eight people have been killed and thousands displaced in the South African city of Cape Town after the worst storm in three decades unleashed heavy rains and high winds.

The storm, which hit on Tuesday and Wednesday, fanned fires and forced evacuations of some residents who were already having to cope with the region’s worst drought in a century.

In Cape Town and surrounding areas, victims included four people who died in a fire caused by lightning, three who died in another fire and one who was killed when a home collapsed, disaster management officials said.

“This wind is blowing very, very strong, causing the fire to spread extremely rapidly,” Clinton Manuel, the fire chief of Knysna, a town east…


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