IT Resilience

Why disaster preparedness is important

Now that it’s officially the rainy season, perhaps it’s time to review some lessons from the past and what they tell us about disaster preparedness. I recently attended the UN Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction conference in Cancun with a delegation led by Undersecretary Rick Jalad, director of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council. The message was pretty clear: The world (and the Philippines in particular) has made great strides in disaster preparedness, and the investment has paid off in terms of lives saved. But economic and asset loss have yet to be contained because of the lack of relevant programs…


IT Resilience


The IT industry is no stranger to buzzwords. Poke around most technology websites and you’ll find industry jargon galore. Occasionally, one term pushes through the noise, becoming a topic that is on everyone’s agenda. IT resiliency is most definitely the new kid on the block, having permeated the minds of IT professionals and C-suites alike. So what actually is it, and why should we care? Well, we witnessed a very good example of why businesses…

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