Resilience in face of disasters

Resilience in face of disasters

THE people of Ra were commended for their resilience in the face of unprecedented natural disasters during World Meteorological Day celebrations in Rakiraki yesterday.

Minister for Local Government, Housing, Environment, Infrastructure and Transport Parveen Kumar said the way Ra managed to bounce back after one-and-a-half years of climate-related issues was testament to their strength and adaptability.

“Firstly, you faced a dry spell, then you very bravely faced Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston which was followed by numerous flooding events,” he said.

“This shows us that our communities in Rakiraki are able to adapt quickly and are becoming more resilient to weather, climate and hydrological changing patterns…


Remote Pacific island is the most plastic-contaminated spot yet surveyed

Survey finds every meter of beach is getting 26 new plastic items a day.

Plastic is durable—very, very durable—which is why we like it. Since it started being mass-produced in the 1950s, annual production has increased 300-fold. Because plastic is so durable, when our kids grow up and we purge our toy chests, or even just when we finish a bottle of laundry detergent or shampoo, it doesn’t actually go away. While we’re recycling increasing amounts of plastic, a lot of it still ends up in the oceans.

Floating garbage patches have brought some attention to the issue of our contamination of the seas. But it’s not just the waters themselves that have ended up cluttered with plastic. A recent survey shows that a staggering amount of our stuff is coming ashore on the extremely remote Henderson Island…


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