Natural disasters – How prepared are India’s health systems?

Logan to benefit from state request for $220m in flood funding

LOGAN flood victims were given renewed hope on Wednesday night after the state government called on the federal government to stump up a relief package including $135 million for councils affected by the March flood.

The state request to the federal government for $220 million was for category D funding under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.

There were 199 houses flooded and 45 businesses forced to close in Logan after the Albert and Logan rivers burst their…


Rebuilding after disasters

OTTAWA — As the devastating floodwaters recede in Ontario and Quebec, the key to preventing a similar disaster in future is to avoid making the mistakes that led to problems in the first place, says Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.The philosophy of “build back better” will be on the agenda when Goodale next meets his provincial and territorial counterparts, to better ensure cities are protected from what he says is a very real peril in climate change.”I think there will be an appetite to actually grasp this, because the pace at which these issues are arising is clearly accelerating — one of the consequences we believe of the phenomenon of climate change,” Goodale said.He pointed to flooding in Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta in the last four years, as well as ice storms in New Brunswick and last year’s wildfire in Fort McMurray…


Natural disasters – How prepared are India’s health systems?

emergency sign

Over 58.6% of Indian landmass is earthquake prone while 5,700km of 7,516km-long coastline is prone to cyclones and tsunamis.

About 40-million hectares of land are at the risk of flooding and river erosion; 68% of cultivable land is drought prone.

Natural disasters hit on a regular basis, causing ill-health and disrupting health systems.

But, does India have disaster health systems to address such challenges…


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