Gender Inequality In Disaster Risk Reduction Efforts

Vets to beef up animal rescues during disasters in Japan

Animal Welfare

A campaign is under way to create emergency response teams across Japan to rescue pets and livestock during natural disasters. Formed in the wake of the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami disaster of 2011, which claimed 19,000 lives, the Veterinary Medical Assistance Team (Vmat) consists of veterinarians and animal caretakers. It was necessary to respond more effectively in times of disasters, as many people choose not to evacuate during a disaster as they do not want to leave their animals alone…


Upcoming U.N. Meeting Opportunity To Address Gender Inequality In Disaster Risk Reduction Efforts

“Later this month, the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) will take place in Mexico. This meeting provides an important opportunity to reboot global progress on embedding gender equality in disaster risk management and redress deadly exclusion. Even though the quality of disaggregated data needs to be improved, research shows that women and girls die in much greater numbers in extreme disaster events. The inclusion of women’s perspectives and leadership is a necessary recognition both of the greater risks women experience…

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