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Sheryl Sandberg Talks Personal Resilience

Sheryl Sandberg Talks Personal Resilience and Business Ruthlessness


“The more resilient a company is, the bigger its chances of success are,” Sandberg said during an on-stage interview with Inc. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg at Inc.’s GrowCo summit. CREDIT: JB Jakubek

Emotional and professional ones, that is. The chief operating officer of Facebook and co-author of Option B, a recent memoir about her husband’s sudden death, on Tuesday spoke extensively about her unexpected, unwanted training regime.

“I couldn’t get through it, in the very early days,” she told me at Inc.’s GrowCo Conference in New Orleans. “And what I learned is, we don’t have a fixed amount of resilience. It’s a muscle–we don’t only build it in ourselves, we build it in each other.”

That’s the main point of Option B, which Sandberg wrote with longtime collaborator and Wharton professor Adam Grant. But that message about resilience…


Threats of cyberattacks, natural disasters and supply chain failure most pressing global business performance risks: FM Global

Cyberattacks, natural disasters and supply chain failure are three of the most pressing risks to global business performance in the 21st century, according to the 2017 FM Global Resilience Index….



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