A case for freshwater resilience

Banks risk data damage to disasters

Data centres of 58 per cent banks run the risk of being damaged in disasters like earthquake and fire due to their location in high-rise buildings, according to a study.The study has found that 18 per cent data recovery sites (DRS) of banks also have been established in high-rise buildings with similar risks.

“All banks established data centres in Dhaka and most of the banks also established recovery sites in Dhaka. The banks did not maintain air distance of 12.5 kilometres between data centres and data recovery sites posing risks to natural disasters and fire,” said the study.

The study said 62 per cent chief technology…


How do we prevent today’s water crisis becoming tomorrow’s catastrophe?

Image Fred

“Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” In these lines, Samuel Taylor Coleridge made a prescient point: while seawater is plentiful, people can survive only with fresh water. This surprisingly scarce resource is the lynchpin sustaining human lives and healthy ecosystems across our rich biosphere: the most vital resource for life on Earth as we know it.

Yet despite its vital importance to humanity, the global water crisis has failed to take priority in the public consciousness. This year, for the first time, there is cause for optimism. In an unprecedented moment for the global water debate, His Holiness Pope Francis inspired a global conversation by opening World Water Day.

As Pope Francis noted in his address to a Pontifical conference on the human right to water: “[Our concerns] are basic and pressing. Basic, because where there is water there is life, making it possible for societies to arise and advance. Pressing, because our common home needs…

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