Renters claim ‘no one cares’ after Debbie

flood study
The release of the flood study will prompt councils to add some homes to flood zones.  Photo: Michelle Smith. Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study release prompts flood-management plans. Source:

Qld unveils comprehensive flood study

The Queensland government and four local councils say Australia’s most comprehensive flood study will provide a greater understanding of the dangers of the Brisbane River.

The Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study, released on Friday, incorporated 170 years of historical rainfall data and investigated 11,340 scenarios that influence flooding.

The study was recommended by the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry, which probed the terrifying 2011 floods in which 35 people died, as there was no single flood model councils could use…


Renters claim ‘no one cares’ after Debbie

DISTRESSED renters say they’re feeling hard done by because their landlords and rental agencies have left them in damaged homes following Cyclone Debbie.

From ripped roofs to leaking walls, broken structures, windows and debris, residents from Mackay through to Bowen are claiming they aren’t being given any help, some not even a phone call to check whether they’re okay or their home still standing.

One Mackay tenant, who wished to remain anonymous as she feared being kicked out of her home, said her place was…


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