And in the rest of the world: Disasters

Despite natural disasters Peru aims to double ag-exports by 2021

Reconstruction will help fulfill the goal of doubling agro-exports in 2021, despite natural disasters that struck the country, Association of Peruvian Farming Producers (AGAP) affirmed on Tuesday.  “In spite of natural disasters, doubling agricultural exports by 2021 is perfectly feasible under the reconstruction process. There is no doubt,” AGAP’s head Ricardo Polis told Andina news agency…


And in the rest of the world: Disasters


ONE of the reasons why Singapore is perhaps the safest place to live in is due to the low frequency of natural disasters resulting from our geographical location. Fortunately, we are being geographically encased by Borneo on one side and Malaysia on the other. Thus, any typhoon or tsunami activity will go through those locations first. By the time they reach Singapore, it’s merely a tame tropical depression with great surf conditions.

Yet, our counterparts in the international community are not as lucky as us. Natural disasters often disrupt the life of the natives – damaging infrastructure…



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