14 killed by storms and flooding in South and Midwest

14 killed by storms and flooding in South and Midwest

At least 14 people have been killed by tornadoes or flooding in the South and Midwest by a storm that also dumped a rare late-season blizzard in western Kansas on Sunday.

Tornadoes hit several small towns in East Texas, killing four people. Five people were killed by flooding and winds in Arkansas, including a fire chief who was struck by a vehicle while working during the storm. Two deaths were reported in Missouri, including a woman who drowned after rushing water swept away a car. One of two deaths in Mississippi included a 7-year-old who died by electric shock and a 2-year-old girl died in Tennessee after being struck by a soccer goal post thrown by heavy winds.


Flooding closed part of Interstate 44 near Hazelgreen, Missouri, and officials expected it would be at least a day before the highway reopened. Interstate 70 in western Kansas was closed because…


Deadly storms hit several states

deadly tornado
Deadly storms hit several states

A string of deadly storms that ravaged some Southern states over the weekend could put millions more at risk as it moves north Monday.

At least 13 people were killed and dozens more injured as storms tore through Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi over the weekend, spawning tornadoes and floods that left a trail of devastation.


Tornadoes tore roofs off homes, ripped trees out of the ground and tossed cars “around like toys,” one witness said. Floods swept cars off the road and downed trees and power lines that flattened homes.

The storms were expected to move into Alabama Sunday evening and continue along a path extending to Michigan. A severe weather warning is in effect through…

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