The cost of coping with more cyclones like Debbie

Winemakers lose billions of dollars every year due to natural disasters

Every year, worldwide wine industry suffers losses of more than ten billion US dollars from damaged assets, production losses, and lost profits due to extreme weather events and natural disasters. A multidisciplinary European-Australian team of researchers led by Dr. James Daniell of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) examines the…


Queensland Business Monthly: The cost of coping with more cyclones like Debbie

debbi satelite

Roads, bridges, crops, homes, sheds, cars, farm machinery, luxury tourism resorts, more than 300 schools and the global coal price are all bearing the scars of Cyclone Debbie, which swept in from the Coral Sea on March 28 to thrash almost every corner of the Queensland economy.

In a state still limping from the beating delivered by the mining downturn in 2012, a tropical cyclone is a calamity we can ill afford.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt is already recalibrating his May 13 Budget, punching in new numbers after the sudden drop…

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