How is the New Jersey Meadowlands planning for climate change?

Most global investors recognise financial risk of climate change, report finds. READ ON

How is the New Jersey Meadowlands planning for climate change?

Although many in the tristate area know it as a place to just drive through, the New Jersey Meadowlands is a critical micro-region just west of New York City. A quarter-million people commute on Amtrak and local rail through the area every day, and it’s the warehouse and distribution hub for the region—Amazon just purchased a 600,000-square-foot warehouse there, near the Teterboro Airport, to expedite its shipping operations. With 800 acres of preserved wetlands, the Meadowlands also sustains fisheries and migrating birds. That ecology co-exists with critical infrastructure: power and wastewater treatment plants, as well as petroleum production…


A Call for Entries: Infrastructure Projects That Could Change Cities

Our goal is to recognize outstanding resilience-building infrastructure projects – 10 global and 10 U.S. and shovel-ready  – to illustrate how infrastructure can positively impact our world.  The detail you provide will support the review and development of a list of top projects that meet most or all of the evaluation criteria. Completing the form should take approximately 20 minutes…

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