What cancer taught Springfox founder Stuart Taylor about resilience

sea level
If you live inland, don’t think sea level rise won’t affect you. read on: https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/04/if-you-live-inland-dont-think-sea-level-rise-wont-affect-you/

In a disaster, where would your kids go?

By now, readers have likely heard about — and some may have even felt — the minor earthquake that struck near Putnam County.

On the scale of earthquakes, 1.3 is quite small, but what if it had been a larger and more devastating event? What if major infrastructure had been destroyed and daily operations of hospitals, government agencies and businesses had been disrupted? If you’re a parent, your first thought would be to ensure the safety of your children, but what if you were not able to reunite with your…


What cancer taught Springfox founder Stuart Taylor about resilience

For most of my adult life, I sought the approvals of others. Some might even have called me a perfectionist.

Joining a large accounting firm as a young consultant, I recall striding up the Paris end of Melbourne’s Collins Street, with a new mobile phone, suit and thinking: “I’ve made it”. It was my job to rip organisations apart and tell them their biggest problems. I’d never felt so important…

“Resilience is kind of a complicated topic,” festival director Laura Ward says. “It doesn’t mean the same thing for everybody, but I feel…

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