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Children struggle with psychological trauma following disaster

political battle

Political battle erupts as CQ farmers wait for crucial funding. Source:


Generation Us: Create a paper trail to help when disasters and emergencies strike

According to the National Weather Service, the odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime are one in 13,000. Most people know the basic safety precautions to avoid being the unlucky one — seek shelter, avoid water, turn off electronics. But what if it’s your house that gets hit? If it goes up in flames and you are left sorting through the rubble, will you have the information and documentation you need to go on with your life after the smoke clears?

Lani Hoza learned the hard way how important being prepared for such a tragedy can be. When her home in Crozet was ignited by a lightning bolt in 2004, she lost nearly everything inside. Mercifully, Hoza was not in the house at the time — and neither was her purse…


Children struggle with psychological trauma following disaster

Long-term psychological care is needed for children in Kumamoto Prefecture, where new stress cases are still emerging one year after the powerful earthquakes in and near the southwestern Japan prefecture, teachers and psychologists say.

The prefecture and surrounding areas in the Kyushu region were hit by powerful quakes for weeks following the first major one that occurred on April 14 last year.

Just after the string of quakes began, an elementary school in the city of Kumamoto saw 20 to 30 children visit the school nurse’s office each week complaining of headaches, uneasiness and other physical and psychological problems, according to the principal.

Even now, around 10 children visit the office per week, the…

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