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A good time to remember grandmother’s lesson in resilience

A good time to remember grandmother’s lesson in resilience

It’s never too late to work on personal resilience, and we all know that life’s unpredictable nature means that we may need to tap that well without notice…


Maps reveal how hard Debbie hit rural industries

Debbie maps

A Queensland Government map of cropping areas most at risk from Cyclone Debbie will be used to help repair the area and plan for future disasters.

TROPICAL Cyclone Debbie’s devastation to north Queensland’s prime agricultural land has been laid bare in a high-tech government mapping system.

The system uses satellite imagery, aerial imagery and on-ground data to map out what areas and what industries were in Debbie’s firing line.

The map reveals sugar industry north of Mackay and seasonal crops around Bowen were the most at risk.

Horticultural groups are also using a similar mapping technology to assess the damage to tree crops including mangos and avocados.

Science Minister Leeanne Enoch said the map would be used to help communities recover from the cyclone and allow the government to prepare for the next disaster…



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