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It’s either Adani or the Great Barrier Reef. Are we willing to fight for a wonder of the world?

How insurers can get better at responding to natural disasters

As communities recover from the havoc wreaked by Cyclone Debbie, it’s time to accept that disasters will become more intense due to climate change and the cost of insurance will continue to rise.

Insurers have a unique insight into the risk and costs associated with climate change. If insurers better informed households about the terms and conditions of insurance and the potential costs of what’s not covered, consumers could help mitigate the risks themselves.

Insurers could also share data with government on how building and changes to infrastructure affects premiums. This would avoid…


Delta cancels 275 more flights days after storm disruptions

Delta said in a statement on its website that it cancelled about 275 flights Saturday morning “with some additional cancellations possible.” That’s on top of roughly 3,000 flight cancellations earlier in the week.

The trouble started Wednesday as powerful thunderstorms moved across Georgia and other states in the Southeast, grounding many flights. About 60 percent of Delta’s planes use the Atlanta airport on an average day, and the airline says it’s still getting planes and crews into position to resume their normal flight schedule…


It’s either Adani or the Great Barrier Reef. Are we willing to fight for a wonder of the world?

reef again

It’s either Adani or the Great Barrier Reef. Are we willing to fight for a wonder of the world?

Over the last years, as the slow motion catastrophe known as climate change gathered momentum, many have people consoled themselves by imagining a tipping point, a specific manifestation of the crisis so grotesque and so extreme as to force our leaders to respond.

The damage now evident throughout the Great Barrier Reef should dispel any illusion that such a point exists.

The reef’s a natural wonder: a complex miracle assembled over half a million years. As an instantly recognisable incarnation of the oceanic sublime, it provokes us to think about the less immediately photogenic aspects of our…



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