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Insurers hit with 2500 Cyclone Debbie claims, brace for more


Global warming and other eco disasters

In this topsy-turvy world of ours in which human values have lost all sanctity, it is a wonder that there still exist people who fret about such causes as ‘global warming’. It tends to restore whatever little faith one had in human nature. Global warming is one disaster waiting to happen. The mere fact that it creeps on gradually rather than descend as a bolt from the blue does not make it any the less calamitous. The positive aspect is that the world has plenty of warning to prepare itself or to make amends before the disaster strikes.


A look over the shoulder may be in order. Thanks to the pressure exerted by the agitating minority, some progress was registered in this field. For one thing, the Kyoto agreement belatedly came into effect after a hiatus of some seven years. Despite the fact that…


Insurers hit with 2500 Cyclone Debbie claims, brace for more

Insurers have been hit with at least 2500 claims for damages since Tropical Cyclone Debbie struck the Queensland coast on Tuesday and are bracing for more.

The Insurance Council of Australia said more claims were likely to be lodged over coming days as policyholders returned to inspect their homes and businesses…

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