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Monthly Archives: April, 2017

The cost of coping with more cyclones like Debbie

Winemakers lose billions of dollars every year due to natural disasters Every year, worldwide wine industry suffers losses of more than ten billion US dollars from damaged assets, production losses, … Continue reading

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Australia integrates climate and disaster risk

Alberta takes ground-up approach to economic resilience Nearly a year after wildfires idled parts of its oil industry, Alberta’s provincial government said it was taking a ground-up approach to disaster … Continue reading

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How is the New Jersey Meadowlands planning for climate change?

How is the New Jersey Meadowlands planning for climate change? Although many in the tristate area know it as a place to just drive through, the New Jersey Meadowlands is … Continue reading

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If disease, natural disaster or terrorism strikes, would South Carolina be prepared? Study says the answer is no

Gruntify Key in Tropical Cyclone Debbie Response This week, Queensland Government organised briefing on Tropical Cyclone Debbie. Key stakeholders across government, army and corporate sectors were invited to hear an … Continue reading

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Businesses must plan for resilience

Cut insurance costs by mitigating against disasters As the victims of Cyclone Debbie and the resulting storm and flood damage continue the clean-up, others are recalling one of Australia’s most … Continue reading

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What cancer taught Springfox founder Stuart Taylor about resilience

In a disaster, where would your kids go? By now, readers have likely heard about — and some may have even felt — the minor earthquake that struck near Putnam … Continue reading

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Building disaster resilience in Asia’s coastal cities – the business case

Emergency volunteers to benefit from $1m extra Minister for Justice Michael Keenan and NSW Minister for Police and Emergency Services Troy Grant today announced that emergency management volunteers in NSW will … Continue reading

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How social media data can improve people’s lives – if used responsibly

How social media data can improve people’s lives – if used responsibly In January 2015, heavy rains triggered unprecedented floods in Malawi. Over the next five weeks, the floods displaced more … Continue reading

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Crisis insurance: How to protect yourself against natural disasters

Cyclone Debbie, storms to blow out house insurance bills The fallout from Cyclone Debbie and a string of other natural disasters over the past year will force the insurance industry … Continue reading

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How can Peru prepare to withstand more devastating floods and landslides?

Radio training on natural disasters A THREE-DAY training workshop was conducted by the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) and the Fiji Navy to instruct officers on how to operate … Continue reading

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Children struggle with psychological trauma following disaster

  Generation Us: Create a paper trail to help when disasters and emergencies strike According to the National Weather Service, the odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime … Continue reading

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Opinion: Resilience — from buzzword to action

Opinion: Resilience — from buzzword to action Back in 2013, an article in the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper castigated the development community for selling “resilience” to the public without a clear definition … Continue reading

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‘Build capacity of students to tackle disasters’

Two Cities Announce Hires for Resilience, Equity Two more U.S. cities are getting chief resilience officers to lead sustainability and environmental efforts. In Honolulu, Josh Stanbro will tackle everything from … Continue reading

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This Small Lake in Africa Once Killed 1,700 People Overnight, and We Still Don’t Know Why

A More Resilient Future: FEMA’s Public Assistance Deductible The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a novel proposal to reduce the nation’s vulnerability to future natural disasters, like coastal storms, … Continue reading

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A good time to remember grandmother’s lesson in resilience

A good time to remember grandmother’s lesson in resilience It’s never too late to work on personal resilience, and we all know that life’s unpredictable nature means that we may … Continue reading

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China launches satellite that would help counter natural disasters

Earthquake-hit farmers in Italy rest hopes on fields of lentils Over seven months after a devastating earthquake hit the central parts of Italy, farmers from the Umbria region are hoping … Continue reading

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An Innovative Way to Encourage Disaster Preparedness: FEMA’s Public Assistance Deductible

Being prepared: An increase in natural disasters sends residents scrambling James Katte was completely unprepared for the wall of soil and rubbish that barrelled into his Auckland home on Tuesday night. … Continue reading

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It’s either Adani or the Great Barrier Reef. Are we willing to fight for a wonder of the world?

How insurers can get better at responding to natural disasters As communities recover from the havoc wreaked by Cyclone Debbie, it’s time to accept that disasters will become more intense due … Continue reading

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Business takes lead on climate disasters

Japan provides $1.6-b grant to boost disaster communication Jamaica’s communication capability before, during and after disasters is being significantly boosted through a J$1.6-billion (¥1.39-billion/US$12.58-million) grant from the Government of Japan. … Continue reading

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Insurers call for disaster mitigation increase

State Recovery Coordinator says Rockhampton the initial focus of rebuilding following Cyclone Debbie HIS priority will be Rockhampton, but Brigadier Christopher Field, AM, will find his expertise needed across a … Continue reading

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A brilliant sci-fi thriller imagines how the massive floods of climate change could transform Earth

The Single Shining Hope to Stop Climate Change Science is under attack at the very moment when we need it most. President Donald Trump’s March 28 executive order went much … Continue reading

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Three strong earthquakes hit Philippines

Australia after Cyclone Debbie   Pictures     Three strong earthquakes hit Philippines Three earthquakes in 20 minutes caused landslides and building damage although no injuries were reported. Social media … Continue reading

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Interview Promoting Wellness and Mental Health at Work

Metcalf & Associates Recommends Interview Promoting Wellness and Mental Health at Work Mental health costs are on the rise and we see statistics that as much as 40% of the … Continue reading

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ASIA’S FUTURE CITIES: Yangon lacking resilience to face future disasters

A guide to proactive disaster planning for small businesses A company’s survival depends on how prepared it is for natural or manmade disasters. A chemical spill, earthquake or tornado can … Continue reading

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Kaikoura quake in top 10 costliest natural disasters for 2016

Seven reasons we’re at more risk than ever of a global pandemic It could take just one cough, one kiss, one touch or even one bite to change not only … Continue reading

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Is Workplace Stress Ruining Your Employees’ Careers?

Disaster resilience projects receive $5.2 million injection Minister for Justice Michael Keenan and ACT Minister for Police and Emergency Services Mick Gentleman today announced more than $5 million in joint … Continue reading

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Easy Japanese can be mailed to foreigners in time of disaster

Atlantic City and Miami Beach: two takes on tackling the rising waters The Irish Pub near Atlantic City’s famed boardwalk doesn’t have any locks on the doors as it is … Continue reading

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Insurers hit with 2500 Cyclone Debbie claims, brace for more

Global warming and other eco disasters In this topsy-turvy world of ours in which human values have lost all sanctity, it is a wonder that there still exist people who … Continue reading

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Don’t sideline women from disaster risk reduction

Making disaster prevention common practice Let’s take part in disaster prevention activities more fashionably and casually — this is the slogan of Bosai girl, also known as Disaster Prevention Girls. … Continue reading

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More than sheer grit

Director tells how 3/11 disaster influenced film ‘Survival Family’ Many of us have experienced temporary blackouts, especially in the wake of natural disasters, but can you imagine a world where … Continue reading

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