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Cyclone Debbie by the numbers: How it compares with Cyclone Tracy, Marcia, Yasi and the others

Cyclone Debbie by the numbers: How it compares with Cyclone Tracy, Marcia, Yasi and the others

Cyclone Debbie had been predicted by some to be “bigger than Marcia”, the category 5 system that smashed Queensland in 2015, but while it failed to reach that level of severity, it certainly left a trail of devastation.

Debbie blew away the previous official recorded wind gust speed by more than 50km/h, with 263km/h gusts blasting Hamilton Island on Tuesday morning…


Cyclone Debbie: Flooded roads make access difficult to storm-ravaged north Queensland towns

Many of these people have homes or businesses in Bowen or further south, and want to assess the damage.

However, authorities do not want a mass of people driving into Bowen when the area remains disaster zone, and only emergency vehicles are being let through.

But private vehicles are allowed to leave Bowen to travel north, despite driving through the same floodwaters on that road…


Cyclone Debbie: What will happen to grocery prices?


Prices could go up Australian Retailers Association executive director Russell Zimmerman said while it was early days, he expected the impact would be felt by Australian consumers.

“If you get a devastation of that kind … what happens is prices really work on supply and demand,” Mr Zimmerman said.

“I think you’re going to see in the coming weeks there will be a shortage and in some cases, not in all, but in some cases retailers may have to look overseas to buy products…


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