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Cyclone Debbie hits the Queensland coast


Cyclone Debbie hits the Queensland coast

It’s still a waiting game for authorities in the worst-hit areas near Airlie Beach as they wait for the weather to ease enough to go out.

Even then, State Emergency Service local controller Mark Connors said simply assessing the scale of the damage would dominate early efforts from crews.

Like so many, he said the biggest issue was the cyclone’s painstakingly slow progress as it worked its way toward the shore and beyond that, further west.

He had been with the SES since 1992 but said he had never seen anything like it…


Cyclone Debbie makes landfall as destructive and damaging winds hit Queensland coast

‘CATASTROPHIC’ tropical cyclone Debbie is located 20 kilometres west of Proserpine tracking south west through the Whitsunday region at nine kilometres per hour.

Queensland’s Bureau of Meterology’s latest update said the destructive core has wind gusts up to 185km/hour with sustained winds of 135km per hour.

Up to 50,000 homes and businesses remain without power. People in the region are advised to stay calm and wait for the all-clear in a secure shelter…

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