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US Navy SEALs develop mental toughness by reinforcing one behavior


Cyclone Debbie: First of the season: ‘We haven’t seen a cyclone like this’: Mayor Lyn McLaughlin, Burdekin Shire read on:

Peru floods in line with climate change models, says climatologist Mojib Latif

Peru is being hit by devastating flooding. Is it a natural weather cycle or an impact of climate change?…


US Navy SEALs develop mental toughness by reinforcing one behavior

This question originally appeared on Quora: How can the average person learn the skill of mental toughness without joining the military? Answer by Ronald Fry, author of Hammerhead Six.

Mental toughness is a state of mind. Anyone can develop the mental toughness of a solider without being part of the military. Mental toughness is resilience—the ability to stick to something regardless of the obstacles in your way. It’s about being goal oriented, always trying to improve, and being dependable and consistent. I believe mental toughness is fueled by either a dedication to self or a dedication to a higher cause. Ideally it is both.

Any human can develop mental toughness by setting goals, pushing oneself a little harder, and working for small victories. Mentally tough people are always willing to…




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