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Tropical Cyclone Debbie brings potential for storm surge

Government to convene high-level meeting for disaster risk reduction

NEW DELHI: The Narendra Modi government has convened the national platform for disaster risk reduction (DRR) next month, a high level meeting to be attended by at least 15 cabinet ministers holding key portfolios besides scientists, UN representatives, disaster experts and other stakeholders to deliberate on mainstreaming DRR in all developmental initiatives with emphasis on building resilient infrastructure….


Secret aid worker: when your crisis isn’t cool enough to attract the right people

I have started to think that a lack of attention to a crisis correlates with the kind of aid workers it attracts. The greater the media buzz, the more in-demand a deployment is, and the broader the choice of candidates to pick from. I have worked in a lot of places, from active war zones to countries affected by natural disasters, and have seen the different people they attract first-hand. Now having spent over a year in west Africa, responding to the displacement crisis caused by Boko Haram, I can honestly say I have never witnessed such a level of lacklustre interest from the humanitarian community…


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