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Oregon Agency Plans Earthquake-Proof Buildings For Government ‘Continuity’

Oregon Agency Plans Earthquake-Proof Buildings For Government ‘Continuity’

An Oregon agency is proposing two new earthquake proof buildings near the state Capitol in Salem to ensure government continuity after a Magnitude 9 offshore mega quake. The state buildings would have solar power and backup generators, independent water and sewage systems, and shock absorbers under the foundation.

Oregon’s new state resilience officer, Mike Harryman, described the design at an earthquake engineering conference happening in Portland this week….


Building Asia’s resilience in the face of disasters


March 11 marks the sixth anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The human and economic consequences of this event have tragically illustrated that even the best-prepared and most advanced countries face the threat of natural disasters, and that natural risk can never be reduced to zero. The world will see more disasters in the future, and needs to prepare for them.

In particular, we need to protect the poorest and most vulnerable, and enable them to better cope with and recover from…



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