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Yolanda survivors receive ‘eco-houses’

Photographer captures pain,resilience of acid attack survivors

In December 2014, Delhi-based photographer Neeraj Gera joined the indefinite hunger strike organised by the acid-attack survivors at Jantar Mantar, asking the government to regulate the open sale of acid.


Nearly two years down the line, he has documented the inspiring stories of these survivors in a series of photographs that will be part of an upcoming exhibition here…


Public-Private Insurance Partnerships Bolster Latin American/Caribbean Resilience

A photo taken 21 September 1985 shows th

A photo taken September 21, 1985 shows the ruins of Hotel Regis, flattened during the September 19 earthquake that struck Mexico City, killing up to 30 000 people. The disaster spawned moves by the Mexican government to establish disaster mitigation programs that now serve as examples to the rest of the region. Photo: Derrick Ceyrac/AFP/Getty Images

Globally, three of the ten most costly natural disaster events in the last 35 years occurred in total or in part in the Latin America/Caribbean (LAC) region; losses from Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean are still being assessed…


Yolanda survivors receive ‘eco-houses’

TYPHOON Yolanda may have left in its wake Tacloban City, Leyte in devastation, but the promise of sunshine after the storm keeps the survivors moving forward. Catherine Daaco, whose younger sibling died while saving their neighbor from the winds and flood, said her brother’s death will not be in vain as she and her remaining family members will continue to live a life of hope and optimism. “Pagkatapos ng unos ay may bagong araw na sisikat at tayo ay patuloy na babangon kasama ng pagsilang nito,” she said, choking back tears. Nearly four years since the super typhoon struck in 2013, the promise of a new day shines brightly in the city as a group of non-government organizations (NGO) prepared livelihood and residential programs for survivors, especially those living in identified storm surge areas…




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