Building business resilience

Building business resilience

PLANNING to hit the beach these days means we also instinctively plan to protect ourselves with sunscreen, a hat, pair of sunnies and the right clothing.

Not surprisingly being in business ought to prompt a similar checklist of protective measures against risks to our premises, contents, brand and reputation.

However, just as our beach readiness guards against long term effects of exposure like skin cancer, there are numerous steps to take to guard against disruption to business continuity…


Extreme weather: From bush fires to tornadoes, our planet is more at risk from natural disasters than ever before

Ice floats near the coast of West Antarctica (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

IF you’re hating another British winter, take a moment to just be thankful.

There is little doubt that the world’s climate is changing, with mild winters, snow at odd times of year, and melting icecaps.

However, the darker months during the British winter are nothing in comparison to the extreme conditions in other parts of the world.

Here, we take a look at some of the wilder weather phenomena — all things we can be grateful to avoid (most of the time) in the UK…


This Photographer Ditched His Finance Job After Taking Pictures Of Hurricane Sandy

Max Taylor was following a traditional path in NYC’s financial sector when everything changed. Hurricane Sandy shut down the city, causing him to look at the world around him with fresh eyes. In the desolation, he also saw New York’s beauty, and quickly decided he wanted to capture what he saw on film. It was a cataclysmic moment — when a life of art won out over a life of comfort. It wasn’t long before decided to take his talents on the road, traveling the world, taking amazing photos…


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