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Wetlands needs priority over roads in request to federal government


Edwards says wetlands needs priority over roads in request to federal government


BATON ROUGE – One of the governor’s five priority projects for coastal protection he’s asked the president to consider under an executive order is a project to re-establish natural freshwater in Maurepas Swamp.


The swamp project could cost as much as $187 million. It’d divert freshwater through a diversion project located in St. John the Baptist and St. James Parishes….

Nova Scotia waiting for federal disaster payments dating back to 2010

Nova Scotia is still waiting for Ottawa to reimburse it for millions of dollars worth of damage caused by disasters dating back to 2010, according to the province’s Emergency Management Office.

EMO executive director Andrew Lathem told a legislature committee that federal disaster assistance remains outstanding for several natural catastrophes including the severe floods in Meat Cove in August 2010 and Truro in December 2014, although he couldn’t give exact figures…

Fukushima disaster evacuees told to return to abandoned homes


People who fled after March 2011 nuclear meltdown face losing housing subsidies if they do not go back, despite radiation fears

Thousands of people who fled the meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant six years ago have been told they must return to their homes or lose housing subsidies, despite lingering concerns over radiation in their former neighbourhoods.

The instruction, condemned by campaigners as a violation of the evacuees’ right to live in a safe environment, will affect an estimated 27,000 people who were not living inside the mandatory evacuation zone imposed after Fukushima became the scene of the worst nuclear accident in Japanese history…






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