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For a more resilient world, promote women’s leadership – expert

For a more resilient world, promote women’s leadership – expert

Understanding better how women are affected by disasters, economic shocks and other crises is key to helping their communities ride out pressures including climate change, a top resilience expert says.

But putting them in the driver’s seat to deal with the problems is equally crucial, she said.

Sundaa Bridgett-Jones, senior associate director with The Rockefeller Foundation, said women are often resourceful in finding ways for their families to bounce back from disasters.

After the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, for instance, she said, many women started projects to earn a living after losing their men to the disaster.

More women should be given leadership roles in efforts to reduce…


Brace for impact


Low-lying areas in Bangladesh are already feeling the impact of climate change.

The pressing priority is always to pull down emissions. Climate change is portrayed a future threat and our responsibility to act is framed in reference to our children and grandchildren. If environmental ruin is already here, it is deemed marginal compared to the tempests amassing on the horizon.

But this uneven focus on the future understates the gravity of present impacts. Today, climate change accounts for 87 percent of disasters worldwide. Some of the worst droughts in decades are continuing to unravel across south-eastern Africa and Latin America. Cyclonic storms, floods, wildfires, and landslides are bearing on the world’s most vulnerable populations…


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