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Tackling challenges posed by natural disasters

Canada’s permafrost forms a foundation under roads, pipelines and Indigenous hunting territory, and it’s thawing fast

A member of an expedition group stands on the edge of a newly formed crater on the Yamal Peninsula, northern Siberia

The climate-driven collapse of Canada’s Arctic permafrost is much more widespread than previously thought, according to new research that presents a dire picture of the changing northern landscape. The study maps an unprecedented area of permafrost that is poised to thaw, threatening local communities and infrastructure, and may speed up global warming…



Tackling challenges posed by natural disasters

NATURAL disasters are a major challenge faced by many people around the world. Brunei Darussalam, although geographically spared from disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and typhoons, is also affected by natural disasters in the region.

This was highlighted by Abdul Rahim bin Haji Ismail, Acting Director of the National Disaster Management Centre, in his capacity as chief guest at the opening ceremony of the Community-Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) programme for Mukim Kianggeh and Mukim Kota Batu, held at Multi-Purpose Hall of Bandaran Depot in Kampong Belimbing in Subok yesterday.

“We felt tremors recently from the earthquake that occurred in the Sulawesi Ocean at the beginning of January this year. We were…

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