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How to Raise a Resilient Kid

How to Raise a Resilient Kid


Wouldn’t it be great if kids could pick themselves up after a fall and be back swinging on the monkey bars, undeterred? They can, and they will, if we give them the basic tools they need to develop resilience. Happily, this emotional muscle can be strengthened at any age, in many simple ways…


Depression in the Workplace: How to Help Offset the Staggering Emotional and Financial Costs

It’s likely that at least one in eight of your employees or co-workers is suffering from depression. Since there remains an unfortunate stigma around mental health, depression is often invisible. Feeling a need to disguise his or her symptoms, the funniest, most outgoing person in the office is just as likely to be in the throes of depression as the next person.

In 2013, Gallup calculated that absenteeism among all depressed workers came to a staggering cost of $23 billion to employers. Keeping in mind how many workers do not seek treatment, those numbers are probably much higher. In addition to the high level of absenteeism and lost productivity…



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