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New Record-High Temperatures in Antarctica Are Giving Us Serious Anxiety

The Week in Review: California Dam Crisis

Almost 200,000 Californian residents were evacuated from their homes Sunday over fears the emergency spillway at the Oroville Dam would fail, leading to flooding of neighboring communities.

The dam, located near the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Northern California, helps create the Lake Oroville reservoir. The tallest in the U.S., the dam provides flood prevention for the surrounding urban areas, supplies water for communities and irrigation, and creates…


Minot city manager shares plan to staff resilience program

Minot officials have drafted a new governance structure for the city in hopes of giving momentum to its disaster resilience program.

City Manager Tom Barry outlined the plan to the Minot City Council earlier this month, the Minot Daily News reported. It calls for hiring a program manager and employing a former finance director to assist with the transition.

The city was awarded a $74 million National Disaster Resilience Grant a year ago. Barry’s plan would hire a manager to oversee the six-year program using part of the $3.7 million included for administration. The new manager would work with Leslie…


New Record-High Temperatures in Antarctica Are Giving Us Serious Anxiety


We’ve been hearing a lot about how Antarctica is in seriously dire straights right now, with a massive rift in the Larsen ice shelf gaining 10 km (6.2 miles) in 2017 alone, and a vast, 2-km-wide (1.2-mile) crater signalling that our planet’s southernmost landmass isn’t as stable as we once thought.

Now, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has verified new “record-high temperatures” for Antarctica, and they’re more than a little unsettling – in recent history, the coldest continent…



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