Tasmania to swelter through a heatwave as a mixed bag of weather sweeps across Australia

The Oroville Dam Crisis Has Exposed A Much Bigger Problem

When the overflowing Oroville Dam in Northern California was threatened due to damage sustained to its spillways earlier this month, about 200,000 people living downstream were evacuated from their homes.  The dam did not fail ― and authorities emphasized that the dam itself remains intact ― but the crisis still took its toll.  Water has continued to flow down the dam’s damaged spillways, contributing to erosion of areas below. Though residents living in the evacuation area have been allowed to return to their homes, they are still being told to remain vigilant in the event that another evacuation order is issued.  The ongoing situation has served as the latest reminder of the need to invest in the repair of America’s infrastructure, particularly…


Tasmania to swelter through a heatwave as a mixed bag of weather sweeps across Australia


On Sunday, Brisbane sweltered through its 30th day in a row of temperatures higher than 30C. But Queensland has now run out of puff and just couldn’t keep its unprecedented run of hot weather up.

After reaching 31.6C on Sunday, the mercury will struggle to get any higher than 28C on Monday.

So who is taking up the heatwave mantle? Well, surprisingly, it’s Tasmania — a state usually known for having anything but hot weather.

It’s all part of a roller coaster week of weather which will also see previously parched Sydneysiders reach for the umbrella…


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