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A psychology professor shares 5 reasons you’re mentally tougher than you think

British Safety Council: Building personal and organisational resilience – Manchester, 22 Feb 2017

It’s the people who make an organisation and thus, they are the organisation’s most critical asset. With that in mind, this half day seminar will explore workplace resilience, wellbeing as well as security and safety within your organisation. Speakers on the day will come from a variety of backgrounds including a Double Olympian and Captain of GB Athletics European Championships 2016. The seminar also provides an invaluable opportunity for networking as we bring together health and safety professionals, building…


A psychology professor shares 5 reasons you’re mentally tougher than you think


Consider all the things you’ve already done in your life that took serious guts. Flickr/Son of Groucho

If you’re feeling in need of a pep talk, you could turn to your best friend or a coach. Or you could just take a look at the scientific literature on potential. A host of studies insist that we generally underestimate our own creativity, persistence, and persuasiveness.

In short, science says you probably have way more potential than you even realize…



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