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California’s drought causing the bottom to drop out of its aqueducts

California’s drought causing the bottom to drop out of its aqueducts


While the Oroville Dam in northern California has been flirting with disaster due to excessive rainfall, the water story in the Golden State has been much more about lack than excess in recent years. In an unfortunate double consequence, the recent drought not only took a toll on California’s water supplies—it damaged the water infrastructure as well. Ground water depletion gave the Earth a sinking feeling that accelerated damage to the California Aqueduct, which carries water to 25 million people and a million acres of farmland…


Surigaonons show their resilience amidst dreadful tremor

When catastrophe strikes, a person or a family is caught blindsided. It was a terrible Friday evening of Feb. 10 for clueless Surigaonons when their faith and forbearance were put to a serious test in the midst of a powerful 6.7-magnitude earthquake.

For Amparo Donoso, 56 years old, a resident of Purok Baybay Parola, this city, living in a shanty and rearing four youngsters, she was able to withstand the fright as she briskly brought her family to a safer ground.

“I am mindful of how the hazardous earthquake and aftershocks might cost our lives. My instinct and adequate knowledge and awareness dictated that I prioritize the safety of my family,” said Donoso despite knowing about the advisory of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center that there’s no tsunami threat in effect.

Seen at the Capitol grounds, where a multitude of common people sought refuge, were lactating mothers carrying innocent babies in their arms, elderlies, persons with disabilities, people helping other…




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